Holte Thermal Suite

The natural healing benefits of Spa bathing are incredibly well documented and date back to ancient times. Holte Spa are passionate about returning spa bathing back to its natural state to simply enjoy the power of the earths elements and to allow our guests time to reset, and re-connect.

In our thermal suite and spa garden you will find naturally filtered pools, authentic saunas and cosy relaxation spaces. You can use the thermal suites and garden to relax as you choose. You can have a bespoke bathing circuit designed for your needs or a combination of both.

Vitality Pool

Our naturally filtered vitality pool sits at a temperature of between 36 -38°C. Perfect for the promotion of overall health and recovery, providing a range of unique benefits including: relaxation of the mind and body, detoxification and cleansing of the skin, relieving aching muscles and increasing circulation. The water features within the pool can be utilised to target specific areas of tension.

Steam room

Although beneficial to all, the temperature and humidity of a steam room has particular benefits for those experiencing rheumatic or joint pain. Temperature is typically 40 – 45°C with 100% humidity.

Experience Shower

Combining different water effects such as tropical rain, mist, monsoon and cold waterfall, our experience shower delivers a multi-sensual encounter. Cooling the body after heat treatments helps the flow of blood to the skin and internal organs, this helps to flush out toxins and closes the pores.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

Our naturally filtered jacuzzi has gentle jets to alleviate tight muscles and joint pain.

Finnish Sauna

Usually found around the shores of Finland’s numerous lakes. Water is thrown on the special stove to warm up the sauna and create steam. After 10 -15 minutes it is customary to jump in the lake or sea. We recommend instead the drench bucket or the experience shower. The effect is powerful detoxification and rejuvenation.

Drench Bucket

After the heat of the sauna the ice cold of the drench bucket increases circulation, helps to purify the blood and balances the autonomic nervous system. The cold water increases levels of serotonin and promotes exhilaration.