Spa Days

All of our spa days are for half a day and can be booked at the following times: 10am until 2pm, 12pm until 4pm.

Your time will include time in the thermal suite and garden, lunch and a treatment.

Hydramemory Facial

Look Your Best
Look Your Best
Look your best

If you have a big day planned and need to look your best this spa day is designed to make you look and feel great all over. Your day starts with a refreshing bathing circuit, followed by a Comfort Zone facial designed for your skin type and needs. Your day will finish with lunch in our Café and will leave you radiant from the inside out. Maybe not on the day you come, but definitely in the days and weeks to follow.



For those with busy lives who are looking to kick back and relax. Your day starts with a gentle or refreshing bathing circuit followed by our Ground Wellbeing restorative ritual, designed to release all tension and stress in the face, neck & scalp. This slow, flowing massage treatment works to reconnect mind and body and will have a potent effect on tightness &tension, eyestrain, migraines, headaches, sinuses and puffiness. It is the perfect treatment for anyone needing respite from the effects of stress and anxiety on their body. A calming but powerful treatment with one sole purpose; to leave you feeling peaceful & renewed. Lunch in our café is included and can be taken before or after your treatment.


Sublime Skin


For those who have overindulged or are looking for a fresh start. Your day will begin with a refreshing or detoxifying bathing circuit followed by our Ground Wellbeing cleansing ritual to gently stimulate the circulation of lymph, nerve and fresh blood flow to the digestive organs. This warming treatment focuses on relaxing and soothing the abdomen physically, while stimulating the area to aid detoxification. Acupressure points on the feet are worked on to prompt digestion and metabolism. Breathwork and mindfulness help the body to manage anxiety and stress. Lunch in our café is included.



For those who are wanting to feel energised and alive this spa day starts with a refreshing bathing circuit followed by the OTO focus CBD massage experience. Designed to clarify, fortify and energise; this full body massage will revive your senses, calm a busy mind and improve your concentration levels. Lunch in the café is included.


OTO Remedy Facial